The Grove Theatre announces auditions for The Kingdom, A Rock Musical on Monday and Tuesday, February 24th and 25th from 6 to 9 pm. Callbacks will be on Wednesday, the 26th by invitation.
The Kingdom is a high energy, Rock, Hip-Hop, Gospel & Pop version of the Passion of Jesus Christ (think Jesus Christ Superstar), that focuses on the last week in the life, trial, execution & resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Through dramatic story-telling, dynamic modern music, authentic costumes and realistic sets, this gritty retelling of the greatest story ever told will transport the audience to one of the most pivotal moments in human history.

Although The Kingdom chronicles the story of a crucifixion, its focus is not one of sorrow but rather of Hope and Love.

We are looking for STRONG SINGERS & ACTORS who move well.

This is an ensemble show and all cast members must sing and act. Dance is not necessary for most principals but is required for a majority of the ensemble.

Ensemble members will be cast as Followers, while assuming several roles throughout the show.
The production runs from April 18th through May 4th.

Monday and Tuesday February 24th and 25th

6 pm - 9 pm

Wednesday, February 26th - Callbacks by invitation

Production: Weekends: April 18th - May 4th

The Principals:

Jesus of Nazareth (The Christ) 30's, Strong Actor (passionate & intense) Singer, Rock Bari-Tenor a must

Judas Iscariot 30-50, strong actor (intense) rock baritone, physically agile.

Simon Peter late 20-mid 40's. Rock-Tenor a must. Peter MUST be able to hit and express a wide range of notes and emotions.

Mary Magdalene 20-40, attractive, powerful mezzo-soprano

John the Beloved 20's, Tenor, soft-natured, yet strong hearted

James: 20's baritone

Mary the Mother 30-60 (Jesus’ Mother) Alto/ Mezzo. Strong Actor

Martha 20's-40's Soprano, Strong Actor able to express her emotions freely

Woman With The Issue Of Blood: late 20's-50 Mezzo, Strong Singer and Actor necessary for this role.

Simon Zealotes Professional Hip-Hop/Rapper/Spoken Word Artist

Pontius Pilate 40’s Commanding presence physically and vocally

Caiaphas 40-60, Authentic Aged High Priest

Pharisee Bass/Baritone (Must Sing)

Procula (age open)

Roman Governor

Pilate’s Wife Strong Actor/Singer, Mezzo-Soprano

Annas 50-70 Pharisee, Caiaphas' Father-in-law
The Apostles:
(The remaining 7 of the 12).

Ages will vary, but ALL must be strong singers and actors, most will also be required to dance
The girl: 7-11 a "ghost-like" character in the show, floating in and out of scenes. Must be a strong singer
Centurion: Age Open, Look Flexible. BE YOU.
The Followers:

Several roles within this group include Jairus, thieves, leper, Blind Bartimaeus, all must sing and MOST must dance
The Roman Guards: (X4)

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