Star Donors

Large Star - $500 and Up
Gail Marie Horton, President CCS Interactive Web Design
James and Virginia McFaddin
Leo and Lorraine Lemilin Lexxiu
Daryl and Juliann McCance Family
Judith L. Walker

In Memory of Jerry Skeels
: Christine Devine, Debra Devine, Rosemary DePauw, Sean McNabb, Candace Mayeron, Tim O'Sullivan, Nancy Van Buskirk, Jack Vaughn

Medium Star - $101 to $499
Alisa Allen
Mark and Donna Johnson
Ken and Emily Palmer
Rick and Diane Tucci

Small Star - Up to $100
Name Company
Terry and Candace Cook
The DeShan Family
Michael, Joan and Mata Barr
Lori & Oscar Balderrama
Robert Walters
Ray Musser
Bob Lamagna
Alice Smilgis
The Van Doren Family
The Vaught Family
Ed and Kelly Warnol
Terri Lee
The Joe Tucci Family
Jon Knowlton
Frank and Donna Minano
George and Marcia Redmond
Tom and Ann Thomas
Carol Hyder
Jack and Karen Hermann
James and Jeanette Gulli
Karen Greenwood
Rudy Tronto
Sharron and Vil Towers
Paul Jones
Sandra Laub
Sue Derickson
The DeVine Family
Ronald and Virginia Pepin

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