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Sherry Kinison - From The Heart
Sherry Kinison - From The Heart Sam's favorite singer singing his favorite song, "Walk Around Heaven". Also as a bonus, a duet with Sam called "Long Ago" written by Sam himself to her.
Dale Kristien & Bill Hutton "The Happiest Season of All"
Sam Louder Than Hell
The Last Sermon
Sam Kinison was a Pentecostal preacher before he pursued a career in Stand-Up Comedy. Of all elements that made Sam Kinison the most powerful and loudest comedian of his time was his Gospel background. In this never before released CD you will be moved as you listen to Sam sing and preach his final message. In an emotional farewell, you will hear Sam explain why he is leaving the ministry and how he will feel about the church and how they will feel about the church. This CD was recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma at his family's church, the Community Assembly Church, in the early 80's before same would hit nationally as the leading comedian to have a successful career within and outside of the church.
Guest host on Mark & Brian
Live on "The Mark & Brian Show" KLOS FM-Los Angeles. August 6,1990
Hollywood Memorial Service
Fellow comedian Robin Williams described the late Sam Kinison, as the "Chuck Yeager of Comedy", in the Hollywood Memorial Service Thereby. Setting the tone for the speakers that would follow such as: Richard Belzer, Billy gibbons of ZZ Top, Pauly Shore, Carl LaBove, his brother Bill Kinison and singing Sam’s favorite Gospel song. Sherry Kinison, You will laugh and you will cry as you listen to this never before released CD! It is a fitting tribute, for one who dared to go where no comic had gone before, whose trademark primal shouts and controversial routines helped blasé new trails in the world of stand-up comedy.
The Passion of Sam
Sam Kinison was a Pentecostal preacher for seven years and preached in Pentecostal churches and city auditoriums across the nation. Sam would be the first preacher to leave the ministry and enter the comedy world and be successful. By the time Sam was twenty-five years old, he felt the urge to make it as a stand-up comedian, even though he had never performed stand-up comedy before. It took seven years for the public to catch up to his power and originality, but once they did, they realized that Sam was something special. This never before released CD was recorded in Rockford, Illinois at the Emanuel Temple Church, where Sam once was employed as the Youth Pastor. As you listen to Sam in THE PASSION OF SAM you will see where his style and view on DEATH, RELATIONSHIPS, RELIGION and POLITICS were molded.