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About the Producer

Persuing Dreams, Vision, and Goals
Sherry Kinison was destined for stardom as an optimistic and caring person - as well as a performer and talented songstress.

As a little girl, Sherry McFaddin listened, observed, sang, and was part of the joyous atmosphere inspired by the leadership of her parents, James and Virginia McFaddin, pastors of a church in Rockford, Illinois. “I was fortunate to have a mom and dad who taught us the positive power of creation in our own lives - to pursue our dreams, vision, and goals.”

Sherry’s interest in voice and the theatre  came naturally.  She grew up listening to good music and singing with some of the finest musicians in her father's church. “The church music was fabulous.” she said, “So many young people came. Singing taught me what the arts can do for the spirit and how lives can be changed.”

The Grove Theatre is a terrific place to apply those beliefs with her policy of open auditions. “Even though people may be insecure at first, theatre does so much for the self-esteem of those who participate. Many people have the feeling, ‘I always wanted to but...’ It is never too late! And for those who want to participate off the stage there are many wonderful opportunities!”

You can contact The Grove Theatre by calling (909) 920-4343!